Choosing the Tone

Quirky or Traditional?

It seems that every little girl fantasizes about their dream wedding at some point or another: the beautiful white gown, the delicious tiered cake, the lovely ceremony with seats full of beloved family and friends. barbieweddingBut in this day and age, more and more brides are stepping away from traditional I Dos and opting instead for a quirky, unique, and nontraditional ceremony crafted entirely to match their individual personalities and tastes. Twenty years ago, white was the set color of your dress and your vows were themed around Spring or New Beginnings. Nowadays, a bride will stand before her future husband in a short black gown and theyll have a Dalek for their flower girl While both approaches have their own pros and cons, neither way is necessarily better, but the question for future brides still remains: do I have a traditional ceremony, or do I opt for a quirky ceremony In order to avoid undue stress in an already high-tension time, the two approaches have been analyzed and broken down so that YOU can choose what fits YOU best.

When you dream of your vows, you picture a white dress with a trailing skirt, bows hung on pews, or mumble something old, something new something borrowed, something blue to yourself at least a few times a week, you may be a TRADITIONAL bride and want to opt for a more classically-structured ceremony accompanied by a professional Wedding Photographer Mexico.blushing-bride-231 Although you may worry that your old school preferences will make for a boring ceremony, remember that millions of women have chosen the same path you did, and their ceremonies are probably still treasured memories today. Because you are going with the tried and true method, you have countless resources at your fingertips, which may lead to less stressful planning and a more concrete grasp on exactly what will be happening at your ceremony.

If you want to use your vows to showcase your love for your favorite superhero or design a cake topped with video game creatures, you are probably a QUIRKY bride and want to opt for a unique, one-of-a-kind ceremony. Although this type of ceremony will take a little extra elbow grease, you will no doubt be able to craft a beautiful ceremony that holds a unique place in your attendants minds. Hire a destination Wedding Photographer Yucatan to capture the best moments of your special day! Dont let tradition scare you: this is your big day, and go as big or as obscure as you would like to Just make sure that you include your future spouse in the planningquirky ceremoniess require much more input from both partners to assure that common goals are being met, and there is no doubt your partner would like to acknowledge their own tastes and interests just as much as you do.

unique-wedding-shoesNow that you’ve had a chance to step back and think, which path will you be taking: traditional or quirky No matter what you decide, remember that this day is dedicated to your love and devotion to that one special person, who will continue to love and desire you no matter if you want to go old school or new age. You need to make sure you get the best photographers for the job, so they can capture your vision. Wedding photographers should be attentive to the emotional imagery of your celebration through film and portraits. Your wedding is the beginning of the most important chapter of your life. Don’t let the planning process lead you astray from the true goal of your wedding: to marry and commit yourself for the rest of your natural life to the one person you simply cannot see yourself without. Remember this the next time you worry if ivory is too drastic of a shade for your traditional nuptials or you stress out because you cannot decide if your ceremony photos should be taken atop skateboards or while larping. This is your big day, so plan it however you please