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Whether you are buying or sell your home, it’s essential that you hire a real estate agent. Don’t just hire any real estate agent. You need to hire someone good. That’s where Prescott Real Estate┬ácomes in, but more on that later.

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Why do we still need real estate agents. In this day and age, the idea might appear to be moot. But it’s actually not. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using one.

1) Their full-time job is to look after Prescott AZ homes for sale. If you are interested in a home, the agent will make the calls to the seller’s agent. They can set up times for you to come in and look. Even if you are selling, your agent will act on your behalf. Whereas, if you were doing it yourself, you would need to play phone tag and solicit calls to interested parties. If you hire and agent, he or she will handle the busy work for you. That is their job.

2) Negotiations are tough. Some like to handle things themselves. They figure they can look after their own interests better. However, there can be a downside to this. Negotiations need to be handled properly. Just one word can be taken out of context. It can lead to miscommunication and the sale could be off. This happens even when the buyers and sellers know one another. This is why you need to hire an agent. They know what verbiage to use. They know how to handle negotiations, especially when it comes to the price.

3) Contracts are there for a reason. They are there to protect each party. Your agent has these drawn up to ensure everything goes well. If you did things yourself, you might not be as lucky. When you hire an agent, everyone is bound by a contract, even the agents themselves. When you do it all on your own, it can become a “he said, she said”, situation. You have to take someone at their word. That doesn’t always bode well. Not everyone is going to be honest with you.

This even goes for the agent. But, if you get a contract involved, they are responsible for what they say and do. If something goes wrong, the agent is also held accountable. This is a good thing. Because you can’t just take someone at their word these days.

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